General terms and conditions & legal notice

1.General provisions
2.Purchase of merchandise, order processing
3.Price and Payment
5.Risk and Property Transfer
6.Right of Cancellation

General provisions

The following terms of sales and delivery are applied to the sale and delivery of the products listed on the website and intended for clients within the European Union. Before placing an order on our website, please read carefully all the sales and delivery terms and conditions. By placing an order for one of our products, you will automatically accept the provisions described below. We would like to inform you that by refusing the terms of sale and delivery, you are not authorized to place an order on our website.

Twistiti reserves to right to adapt or modify the following general terms and conditions of sale at any time. In the event of changes, we will apply the terms of sale enforced the day when the order was placed.

These general terms of sale only apply to non-commercial individuals.

This website is operated by Twistiti SA, Rue du Sart Ernage 1, 5030 Gembloux («Twistiti»). Phone n.: 0474 22 36 32. E-Mail :

Purchase of merchandise, order processing

The ordering of a product through this website, is considered an offer relative to the purchase of a product in accordance with the present terms of sales and delivery.

After placing an order, you will receive a confirmation email of the transaction in which we confirm that we have received your order.

All orders are subjected to Twistiti approval. We will confirm you the acceptance of your order via email. This results in a legally binding contract between the two parties.

Price and Payment

The price of a product corresponds to the information provided on the website, except in the case of errors. VAT (in accordance with the current value) is already included in the price. The delivery fees are not included in the price of the product; they are indicated separately. Before shipping the product, you will be shown a summary with the unit prices, including delivery fees, and the final price.

When payment is made through our partner PayPal, the general terms of use of PayPal are applied.

When payment is made through our partner Stripe, i.e. any payment that is not made via PayPal, the general terms of use of Stripe are applied.


The delivery will be made in a maximum delay of 15 days from the date of the order, unless differently agreed at the completion of your order.

The delivery address corresponds to the information specified in the order confirmation.

The purchased product will be delivered at the address indicated on the order form. In the event of mistyping, an incorrect or incomplete delivery address, Twistiti will not be responsible for any delays or impossibility of delivery of the product. All costs related to the reshipment of product due to a mistyping from the Client will be covered by the Client alone.

Risk and Property Transfer

The risk transfer takes place with delivery. Risks, within the meaning of these terms, are related to liability in the event of damage to the product or damage caused by its use, handling or storage.

Right of Cancellation

You can cancel your acceptance of the contract (order) within 15 days (from the day of delivery), either in written form (i.e. letter, email) or by returning the product to us, no questions asked. The 15-day period begins upon receipt of the product. The request for cancellation must be submitted to : Twistiti SA, Rue du Sart Ernage 1, 5030 Gembloux, Belgique E-mail:

If the cancellation was correctly made, we will refund you the total amount of your purchase within 30 days, on condition that the product is returned to Twistiti unused and in its original conditions. The costs derived from returning the product are covered by the Client if the delivered product corresponds to the product that was order online.


If the product is damaged or doesn’t work properly, Twistiti will – after assessment – repair the product or send you a substitute. The repair or substitution of the product is bound to the return of the damaged or defective product to Twistiti.

European warranty : all products available on this website are inclusive by a 24 month European warranty, issued by Twistiti SA, covering material or manufacturing defects. The general conditions of the warranty can be found in the user manual delivered with each product.

Warranty claims must be addressed to a Twistiti approved retailer or by returning the product to Twistiti headquarters. It is advisable to include a copy of the proof of purchase showing the date of purchase of our product. The following documents are accepted as proof of purchase:

  • A receipt proving an in-store purchase,
  • The original invoice or the original delivery note,
  • A bank statement or a credit card statement.

The products returned on the basis of this warranty must be sent by packet at the following address:

Twistiti SA
Rue du Sart Ernage, 1
5030 Gembloux, BELGIQUE


Twistiti will not be held accountable for the non-performance of the contract concluded in the event of fortuitous events and force majeure as defined by legislation and case law.

The choice and purchase of a product are the sole responsibility of the Client.


Transfer of rights and charges: The contract established between Twistiti SA and the Client, is considered as legally binding for both parties. You cannot transfer, assign, encumber or otherwise dispose of the right of delivery of the ordered products and defined by this contract, without obtaining prior written consent from Twistiti SA.

Severability clause : If certain provisions of these terms of sale were partially or completely ineffective, the effectiveness of the other provisions remains valid.

Electronic correspondence : By browsing our website, you accept that any correspondance – in accordance with current legislation – is done via email exchange. We will contact you via the email address or the physical address that you provided.

Twistiti contact address : to contact our company by postal mail, you can reach us at Twistiti SA, Cours Saint-Michel 30A – 1040 Etterbeek, Belgique or by email at

These terms and conditions are subject to Belgium laws. In case of litigation, Twistiti and the Client will try to solve the issue amicably. In case of failure, only the Belgian court will be competent.