Use and management of “cookies”

General principles

This section provides information about the use of cookies on the website.

The current cookie policy applies to the website. The cookies are managed by the processing manager.

The website uses cookies in order to make browsing more accurate and reliable. Some of these cookies are indispensable for the proper functioning of the website; others help to improve the user experience.

Most web browsers are configured so that cookies are automatically accepted. If users wish to customise their management, they must change their browser settings. They will find more information on this subject in the "cookie control" section of the current provision.

By visiting and using the website, the user agrees explicitly with the cookie policy described below.

Definition of “cookies”

A "cookie" is a data or text file that the server of a website will temporarily or permanently store on the user’s device (hard drive of the computer, tablet, smartphone, or any other similar device) by using the user’s browser. Cookies can also be installed by third parties cooperating with the processing manager.

Cookies store certain information, such as language preferences of the visitors or the contents of their shopping cart. Other cookies store statistics that relate to the users of the website or ensure that graphs are displayed correctly, and applications on the website work properly. Other cookies allow the content and/or advertising of the website to be adapted to the user.

Use of cookies on the website

The website uses different types of cookies:

The processing manager may also use cookies and beacons to collect information regarding the browsing behaviour of the users on the various websites and applications that belong to the processing manager’s advertising network.

A beacon is an invisible graphic file that follows the user’s activity on one or more websites and/or applications. In addition, other commercial cookies can be installed by the advertisers when their ad is displayed.

Commercial cookies contain no personal data. The information gathered with the help of commercial cookies and beacons is used to measure advertising efficiency and to optimise advertising on the website and on other websites belonging to the advertising network or for which the processing manager provides advertising services.

The retention period for cookies varies according to their type: essential cookies are generally stored until the browser is closed, while functional cookies remain valid for one year and performance cookies for four years.

The processing manager authorises the public search engines to visit the website via “spiders”, with the sole aim of making the access to the website possible and making its content accessible via these search engines, without the processing manager granting them the right to archive the website. The processing manager reserves the right to withdraw such authorisation at any time.

To make offers likely to interest the user, the processing manager may conclude agreements with advertising agencies on the internet. These are permitted by the processing manager to place advertisements on the website. When the user visits the website, these advertising agencies may also collect information.

Management of cookies

Most browsers are configured to automatically accept cookies, but all allow customisation of the settings based on the user’s preferences.

If users do not want the website to place cookies on their computer/mobile device, they can easily manage or remove them by changing their browser settings. Users can also programme their browser to send them a notification when they receive a cookie, so that they can decide whether or not to accept it.

If users want to block and/or manage certain cookies, they can do so by following one of the following links, depending on their browser:

If users do not wish to accept cookies from Google Analytics, they can indicate this via the cookie notification that appears when they first visit the website, or by customising the settings of their browser so that it refuses the cookies.

In order not to be tracked by Google Analytics on any website, the user may consult the following website: If the user disables certain cookies, some parts of the website may not be accessible and/or usable, or only partially so.

Datatrics places cookies on our behalf to allow us to track visitors across multiple visits and to map the customer journey. When the Facebook Ads pixel and/or the Google Adwords/Facebook Connect/ Facebook Custom/DoubleClick/LinkedIn Ads Pixel/LinkedIn Analytics/Twitter Advertising/Google tag manager /Google analytics pixelis present on the same page, Datatrics will send a couple of values to these pixels (the segment in which a customer falls and the phase of the Customer Journey the customer is in), so we can show you more relevant content on our website.

We have concluded a processor agreement with Datatrics.